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How to choose cordless handheld power tools

Greetings and welcome to the Waymore Tools. Today, we'd like to discuss a crucial aspect when considering the purchase of cordless handheld power tools such as drills, sanders, jigsaws, and nailers. Naturally, you'd assess factors like price, features, accessories, power, mobility, ergonomics, weight, and performance, even reading reviews to make an informed decision. Now, you might think you're ready to make that purchase, but I'd like to suggest taking a step back and contemplating the brand or family of tools you're entering.

Consider well-known brands like Bosch, Porter Cable, Makita, and others. It's essential to factor in the batteries and charger, as these are often sold separately from the bare tool. Investing in a specific battery and charger might influence your decision to stick with the same brand or tool family. This advice is particularly valuable for first-time cordless power tool buyers.

Researching the breadth of tools available within a chosen manufacturer's lineup that utilize the same batteries can help you save money in the long run. While it would be convenient to buy a new battery for each new tool, it's also practical to have a common battery that fits multiple tools within the same family.

In my own exploration, I've narrowed down my choices to two brands, Porter Cable and Bosch. I can find a variety of options for both at Lowe's, and I appreciate the convenience of being able to purchase items directly off the shelf. Additionally, Bosch offers a range of cordless power tools not always found in stores, making online shopping a viable option.

Before making a decision, we recommend physically interacting with the tool at a store. Feeling the tool in your hands is crucial, and if it's secured with a cable or another device, don't hesitate to ask an associate for assistance.

Now, considering the importance of spare batteries for uninterrupted work, opting for batteries with more amp hours may be slightly pricier but worthwhile, especially if you're working remotely without easy access to a charger.

To sum it up, we're not endorsing specific brands, but we do emphasize the economic benefits of sticking with a particular tool family. We hope this advice can be helpful on your purchase decision. Thanks for joining us, we have wide selection of Power Tools that can meet with your demands. Welcome your any ideas, if you have anything need to talk about Power Tools.

about author - daniel

About Author - Daniel Hayes

With over 15 years of expertise in power tools industry, and offer insightful guides and articles, spoken at industry events, and delivered practical advice. Whether you're a pro or DIY enthusiast, Daniel is your trusted guide to mastering the world of power tools.